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For industrial use, we offer Dried and frozen truffles. Dried and frozen truffles are only used for some specific purposes and need to be re-processed.

Dried truffles mainly include dried slices and truffle powder. They could be made out of fresh white truffles and fresh black truffles. Some of them are made out of in-season fresh truffles, some are very old, maybe 2 or 3 years.

Frozen truffles are usually made from the truffles that are either too small or partly-damaged ones that can't be sold as fresh truffles. Some of them are very old. Please note that they must be consumed quickly once they are de-frozen. The de-frozen truffles perish quickly – usually in 24-48 hours. The frozen truffles must be shipped via reefer container by ocean freight, so the MOQ is at least a 20 feet container.

Both dried and frozen truffles need to be pre-ordered, otherwise we can't guarantee the price and delivery time.

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